What is Nampol Platform ?

Nampol Platform is a place for developer to submitted their mobile browser games to premium players. The platform is designed for flexible integration and developer customization.

What kind of games can be submitted in Nampol Platform ?

Nampol platform available for browser and text based games.

How to integrate your game to Nampol Platform ?

Build your apps, integrate with nampol system, and you can get some informations such as market audience, revenue, and analytics.

How your game can make money ?

You just integrate with nampol system, we share API payment gateway, and you can get your money from payment gateway.

How developer can see analytic data of your game ?

You just need to login in nampol system and there will be overview segment to see analytic data of the game that has been submitted.

Can Nampol Platform support Adobe Flash ?

No, Nampol can‘t support Adobe Flash yet.

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